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Welcome to espais i volums.com

We are specialist creating all kind of 3D perspectives, virtual scale-models, infoarchitecture and computer simulation. Extensive experience in architecture, landscaping and urban design, that allow us to focus our goal, wich is to offer a quality service.

Our work is directed to all the professionals who require a work with character and formality. These would include: Architects, Professionals of the Construction, Real estate, Engineer..., and the purpose of our work includes from the complement to any project, proposal, study... until the creation of an advertising model.

The mobility of this service adds a new dimension and a new vision in the projects in which it is used.

The new technologies have been allowing, through Internet and the electronic mail, to establish unthinkable guidelines of work for years. It directly works increasing the quality and the control, and at the same time in a reduction of the costs of the work allows.

Xavier Lozano
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